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12 Feb '14

Truthful disclosure in ministry settings

Posted by T.J. Addington in communication, truth
One of the hallmarks of Jesus was his commitment to truth. It was not a hard truth for it was almost always delivered with grace (Pharisees excepted on occasion) but it was truth. Falsehood is one of those things listed in the Proverbs as detested by God.

Yet, ministries are notorious for delivering half truths, non-truths and outright falsehoods when dealing with issues that are unpleasant. This...
09 Feb '14

Communicating in a matrix world - it is everyone's responsibility

Posted by T.J. Addington in communication

Communication builds trust and trust minimizes conflict because information is power. The issue of howan organization designs systems where the right information gets to the right people at the right time so that good decisions can be made and everyone know what they need to know is complex. When it comes to information, everyone has an opinion and expectations are hard to meet. Some common...
20 Jan '14

When sensitive information needs to be communicated to a congregation

Posted by T.J. Addington in communication, crisis management
From time to time, church leaders need to share sensitive information to their congregation regarding sinful behavior of a leader or congregant. While hopefully a rare event, when it does become necessary the question is always how much do we divulge and for what purpose do we reveal it. There is no one answer that fits every situation but asking the following questions about what one proposes to...
28 Sep '13

The weight of a leaders words

Posted by T.J. Addington in communication, leaders, leadership
The two boys God gave me were highly sensitive growing up to the words and reactions of their parents. I remember one time giving one of them my "look" and he responded "Don't yell at me!" Actually I had not said anything but I had communicated with my body language and he had felt the message! 

Leaders are not parents to those they lead but like parents, their words have extra weight than the...
20 Jun '13

You heard what? Communicating well

Posted by T.J. Addington in communication
I am often amazed at what people "hear" compared to what I thought we "said." It is a challenge in any organization (the church being one of the most complex) to communicate in a way that people actually understand what we are trying to communicate. It is not that people don't listen. It is that there are many messages competing for people's attention and the more complex the organization the more...

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