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06 Feb '15

EFCA names nominee for the next President

Posted by T.J. Addington

It gives my great joy to share with you the news of the nominee for President of the EFCA. Kevin Kompelien has been a senior leader in ReachGlobal for the past 9 years and a member of my cabinet. Here is the announcement from the Search Committee and Board of Directors of the EFCA.

February 4, 2015
It is with great joy and anticipation that the Presidential Search Committee and the EFCA Board of Directors announce the unanimous selection of Rev. Kevin Kompelien as the nominee for the next president of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Kevin’s selection comes at the end of a prayerful and extensive search process initiated in 2014 in anticipation of the retirement of
Dr. William J. Hamel in June 2015.

Kevin brings unique skills to this position. For the past nine years, Kevin has been the international leader for the Africa division with ReachGlobal (the international mission of the EFCA) and a senior leader of the mission. A graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1983), he served over twenty years as pastor of two EFCA churches. In addition, he served on the North Central District Board chairing the church planting committee and on the Central California District Board (now EFCA West).

Kevin’s tenure with ReachGlobal has seen the development of ReachAfrica, the African national expression and extension of ReachGlobal in Africa, along with the equipping of more than 8,000 leaders with multiplication church planting training and over 1,600 churches planted. In addition, ReachGlobal’s partnerships grew from five African national movements to ministry in more
than twenty countries with influence over half a million believers. 

As a senior leader of ReachGlobal, Kevin and his wife Becky travel extensively, ministering to both ReachGlobal staff and movement leaders across the globe. As the international leader for Africa, Kevin gives leadership to sixtyfive ReachGlobal and ReachAfrica staff members.

Kevin’s international ministry is a natural extension of his deep commitment to reaching “all people.” During his tenure at Hillside EFC in San Jose, California, the church launched a ministry among first generation Hispanic and Southeast Asian immigrants in a neighborhood of urban poverty. In addition, the church developed an eight‐year partnership with ReachGlobal among an unreached Islamic African people group in coastal Tanzania which saw over fifty congregation members minister on the ground in East Africa.

Kevin’s pastoral and international ministry has deeply impacted his view of the challenges of the Church in the United States today. He believes that we must see the United States through missionary eyes, so that we do not miss the opportunity to reach an ever more secular and religiously diverse American population. This includes reaching large cities and growing ethnic populations, and employing new methodologies for church multiplication. Kevin believes we will not reach this country unless we partner with other like‐minded movements and develop a “Bride over brand” mentality where the gospel takes priority over denominational identity.

The Presidential Search Committee and Board of Directors are deeply impressed with Kevin’s vision for the EFCA in the next ten years. Here are some of the high points of his vision for what the next decade might hold.

A collaborative coalition of local churches, districts, ReachNational, ReachGlobal and the Office of the President focused on:

  • Clearly defined and fully aligned biblical, theological and missional values that set the stage for a ministry vision that we all are committed to work together to achieve by the help of the Spirit of God.

  • Supportive integration between EFCA districts and the national office where trusting relationships, along with shared values and vision, have us working together to see the gospel permeate and transform individuals, families, communities, and our entire nation.

  • An integrated ministry structure between the national and international ministries of the EFCA (learning from each other, sharing resources with each other, and advocating for each other) so that the missional heart of the EFCA is seamlessly and clearly seen both in the USA and around the world.

  • A healthy relationship between local EFCA churches, districts, and national and international ministries where trust is clear; and where local churches see the value both for them and for the mission of God in being a part of the EFCA.

  • A new generation of leaders representing the diversity of the EFCA movement in America who are developed, empowered and released to lead.

  • Raising up a generation of intentional disciplemakers across the country.

  • Seeing transformational churches multiplying across America and coming to a place where we are not satisfied with simply adding a few dozen churches each year. 

  • Aggressively moving forward to multiply gospel initiatives and churches that don’t necessarily look like the EFCA churches of the past, but are structured to best reach the unchurched of our communities.
  • An expanding gospel impact around the world as EFCA churches partner with ReachGlobal and strategic national partners to see transformational churches and leaders multiplied among some of the least reached peoples of the world.
  • Seeing communities across this nation where the church once again is seen as a key player as a result of genuine change in the lives of the people of God from EFCA chrches demonstrating the values and the virtues of the Kingdom of God.
  • An intentional focus on urban ministry in America bringing gospel initiatives and creative church planting strategies to large urban centers so that genuine transformation can take place.

This vision is consistent with the EFCA Vision to raise up one million disciplemakers impacting millions with the gospel and transforming entire cities and regions globally. Kevin is uniquely
suited by his experience in the United States and globally to help the EFCA build on the past and present for a future of missional effectiveness.

Kevin and Becky Kompelien met during Kevin’s first year at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. They were both involved in youth and music ministry at a local EFCA church, which gave their
relationship a firm foundation of ministry together. They married in 1981 and served EFCA churches in Minnesota and California before Kevin left pastoral ministry in 2006 to join ReachGlobal. Becky has been involved in a variety of ministries in the church over the years, including her most recent responsibility directing a mentoring program for high school students in a neighborhood of urban poverty in San Jose. They have four adult children who are all married and actively involved in ministry in the local church. They also have five grandchildren.

Over the next four months leading to the EFCA One conference in Vista, California, there will be multiple opportunities for pastors and ministry leaders to meet and spend time with Kevin. Delegates to EFCA One will also have an opportunity to hear from Kevin, and interact with him, prior to the election which will take place during the business session scheduled for Thursday, June 18, 2015. Pursuant to EFCA Bylaws, an affirmative vote of at least three‐fourths of the votes cast at the conference is necessary to elect the president for a six year term.

We believe that God has clearly and uniquely answered the prayers across our movement for a president who will provide collaborative leadership for the next generation of missional effectiveness. It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude to God that the Presidential Search Committee and Board of Directors unanimously recommend Rev. Kevin Kompelien as the next president of the EFCA.