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09 Sep '13

Signs that we are not as humble as we think we are or try to portray

Posted by T.J. Addington in humility
We all like to think we are humble and I have met some very humble individuals. I have also met many who think they have humility but whose behaviors would indicate otherwise. Before we take pride in our humility, think about these signs that we might have some work to do. Each of these is about "me" and the more we are about ourselves the less humble we actually are.
  • I need to have my own way
  • I don't like criticism or pushback
  • I get angry easily
  • I tell people what to do rather than ask questions
  • Accountability irritates me
  • I don't listen well
  • I marginalize people who disagree with me
  • Loyalty to me is a non-negotiable for  staff
  • I feel that the rules don't always apply to me
  • I blame others for failures and take credit for success
  • I exaggerate my accomplishments and resume
  • A good idea is my idea
  • If necessary I will shade the truth to achieve my goals
  • I have an inflated view of my gifts and an inadequate view of my shortcomings
  • I treat others as a means to an end rather than with the grace and honor they deserve
  • I rarely if ever apologize
  • I will only resolve conflict if I believe it will come out in my favor
  • I tell people what I want them to know and withhold information I don't want them to know
  • I don't treat everyone with honor and respect