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06 Oct '13

Signs that we live in grace

Posted by T.J. Addington in grace
How do we measure our grace quotient? Here are some signs to consider:

  • I am at peace with Jesus knowing that He forgave my sin and does so daily. I have nothing to prove to Him.
  • I readily extend that grace to other hurting and broken people without judgment even when I need to speak truth into their lives.
  • I am more interested in the Holy Spirit working in the lives of others than I am in trying to do so myself although I will always loving help if needed.
  • I do all that I can to live at peace with others rather than in conflict.
  • I extend grace to those who treat me badly even if I need to confront the behavior.
  • I intentionally go out of my way to give honor and dignity to those who need it no matter their situation.
  • I go out of my way to extend help and honor to "the least of these."
  • I have no one that I have not forgiven for offenses committed against me or others even when that forgiveness is hard and is done as an act of obedience.
  • I am willing to tell people the truth in grace knowing that ignoring issues is not grace.
  • I daily seek to live out the fruit of the Spirit in my relationships with the help of the Holy Spirit
  • I seek to understand the situation of others when I am irritated with them.
  • I seek to live generously rather than selfishly.
  • I look to the gospels and the life of Jesus to understand what it means to live in grace and extend it to others.
  • I daily ask Jesus for the grace to live in grace.