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28 Dec '13

Habits that set the best leaders apart from other leaders

Posted by T.J. Addington in habit, leadership, leadership clarity
The best leaders have developed habits that allow them to become what they are. Some of the habits that set them apart from other leaders are:

·       They are more reflective

·       They take the time to think more deeply

·       They spend more time understanding themselves and those       they lead

·       They are more deeply committed to understanding God           and his Word and discerning his direction

·       They ask more and better questions

·       They take more time to evaluate success and effectiveness
         in their own lives and in the ministry the lead

·       They do less so that they can accomplish more

·       They spend more time thinking about what they should do

·       They think long term rather than short term

·       They are more concerned about the quality of their inner         life than the success of their outer life

·       They are deeply sensitive to the voice of God in their               lives and leadership