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20 Apr '14

On this day

Posted by T.J. Addington in easter
On this day:
  • Satan was defeated
  • The Father's face was no longer turned away
  • Sadness turned to joy
  • People could be reconciled to God
  • The Holy Spirit would become available to each of us
  • All distinctions between individuals were erased at the cross
  • The church was the logical outcome as His bride
  • It became possible through the Holy Spirit to walk in the Spirit rather than in the flesh
  • Despair turned to amazed hope
  • The empty cross became the mark of the church
  • Reconciliation between brothers could mirror the reconciliation between God and us
  • All sin had been paid for
  • Jesus' scars would remain forever in testimony to the cross
  • God's D-Day had been won. Now it is just a matter of time before evil is put away for good.
  • A thief was already in heaven
  • Jesus honored all women by appearing to Mary Magdalene first
  • A cosmic spiritual shift took place in creation
  • We could now also look forward to resurrection
  • Every principality and power was defeated
  • Satan realized that his apparent victory was a colossal defeat
  • We live with resurrection hope
  • The law was eradicated and completed
  • The tomb was empty
  • Because His tomb was empty, our tomb will one day be empty
  • "He is Risen" changes everything!