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21 Feb '15

The leadership contract: If you lead you signed it whether you know it or not.

Posted by T.J. Addington
Many leaders do not understand that when they agree to lead, manage or supervise others they are entering into an implicit contract. That contract or expectation is that they will lead from personal health, create a healthy culture, empower those they lead, provide clarity and alignment and deal with the barriers (people or otherwise) that prevent their staff from becoming all they can be.

20 Feb '15

Seven grace killers among God's people

Posted by T.J. Addington
A culture of grace is often missing among God's people. And it is a big disconnect for those of us who represent the King of Grace - Jesus. I am talking about the ability and willingness to give one another the benefit of the doubt, accept that others are not perfect and are in need of grace and extending it even as we desire it to be extended to us.  

Here are seven common grace killers:

19 Feb '15

Why so many leadership development efforts fail

Posted by T.J. Addington

Developing leaders is a passion for many of us. But the truth is that often, our efforts are not nearly as successful as they should be. I would suggest that there are some reasons for this that we need to grapple with and understand.

Leadership development is not primarily about a classroom experience but that is often how we approach it. In fact, I would go so far as to say that most good...
18 Feb '15

What is the most important issue in leadership development?

Posted by T.J. Addington
Recently I was mulling on Paul's leadership development of Timothy and did a quick look at the kinds of things that he pressed into in his two letters to him. The key issues revolved around these kinds of topics: faithfulness; godliness; being an example; character; boldness; fidelity to the Word along with just plain practical advice. What stuck me once again was that the core of leadership is...
17 Feb '15

I don't do this lightly

Posted by T.J. Addington
I don't do this lightly. If you would like a copy of my latest book, Deep Influence, I will send one to the first 100 individuals who request it at tjaddington@gmail.com. My request is that you agree to write a review on Amazon after reading the book. Blessings

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